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Three Elements Your Construction Site Porta Potty Should Have

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It is necessary to have portable bathrooms available for use on construction work sites. The construction employees need a private space to do their business and the portable toilets keep the work site clean and hygienic. Because using a dirty toilet is not pleasant, some may avoid using it. For that reason, it is important for your portable potties to have these three characteristics to provide a positive bathroom experience and a healthy work environment.


Having the right deodorizers in your bathroom can make the space appear cleaner. When you walk into a stinky bathroom, you immediately recognize the bad smell and judge the space's cleanliness. Consumer research has found that for a space to be perceived as clean, it needs to smell like cleaning products. When a bathroom has a pleasant or clean scent, it will appear that something has been done to the space to clean it. Whether the space is spotlessly clean and void of bacteria or the space just smells clean, it does not matter. In your brain you recognize this smell as the space being clean.

Aside from making a porta potty smell clean, deodorizers can actually treat the bacteria inside the waste collection unit. Deodorizers in a portable bathroom are necessary to neutralize the bacteria of human waste inside the toilet so the bacteria does not spread and infect anyone. Porta potty toilets are treated with deodorizers that bind with the bacteria to also prevent the stink from coming up from the waste collection bin.

Soap and Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer and soap and water available in a portable toilet will provide two options to wash your hands after using the toilet. Not all construction employees may take the time to wash their hands with soap and water. So, a hand sanitizer with 60% to 95% alcohol concentration provides a similar cleaning solution in the porta potty.

A recent study has found that only two out of three people use soap to wash their hands and one out of ten people don't wash their hands at all. So, providing the convenience of hand sanitizer in a portable toilet is better than providing only soap and water that may not get used. Hand sanitizer can still kill a majority of viruses and bacteria. Cleanliness is important on a work site as sanitizing your hands can cut down on spreading infectious diseases. With more employees washing their hands or using hand sanitizer after using the bathroom, illnesses and sick days can be minimized.

Large Space

Over the last 150 years the average height of people has increased by four inches. As people are naturally taller and fatter, you will need a portable toilet that has enough space inside and a larger doorway. This gives you the convenience of using the toilet without feeling uncomfortable and cramped.

The size of the porta potty matters because no one likes to squeeze into a small space, especially when you are wearing bulky work clothing and carrying tools. Construction employees wear overalls and work coveralls and need more space to maneuver and undress when they visit the porta potty. Additionally, construction employees who are responsible for expensive tools may choose to take them into the bathroom with them. This tool will take up space inside the portable bathroom while they are using the facilities. If they leave their tool outside the bathroom, they run the risk of it being stolen while they are inside.

This information explains why these three elements of a porta potty are necessary to make it a better space to do your business. For more info, contact a portable restroom rental company.