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Plumbing Pitfalls To Look Out For When Purchasing An Old Office Building

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An old office building is prone to having quirks and problems that come with time. If you're getting ready to purchase an old office building, there are certain plumbing pitfalls you need to keep an eye out for. Take your time when inspecting the building, and be sure to check for the signs of plumbing problems listed below.

Damaged or Discolored Walls

One of the first things to check for when purchasing a new office building is whether the walls are in good condition. Why is this so important? It's important because if you notice stains, chips, or bubbles on the walls, there's a good chance that the building has one or more water leaks. If there are plumbing leaks, sections of the wall will likely need to be removed in order to fix the damage.

So if you find signs of damage done to the walls, ask the current owner of the property if there was a previous leak and if there is proof of it being fixed. If the problem wasn't fixed in a timely manner, the office building may also have mold issues.

Damage Around Toilets

After inspecting the walls, head to the restrooms, and check around and behind toilets for signs of leaks and water damage. Discoloration of the floor is a sign that the toilet either has a leak or had a leak in the past.

If you notice that ceramic tile is peeling and can be pulled up, that's an even worse warning sign. When water damage is severe enough to cause ceramic tile to start peeling, odds are that there is also mold in the area.

Flush the toilet and look carefully around the base of the toilet to see if water is coming out. Wipe around the base of a toilet with toilet paper or tissue paper. If you notice water on the tissue or toilet paper, then the toilet likely has a leak that needs to be fixed.

Next, try wiggling the toilet to see if it moves. It should be secured tightly in place. If it moves at all, then it's not secured properly and needs to be fixed by a plumber. Check all toilets using the same process, and ask the owner of the property about any leaks you find.

Buying an old office building can save you money, but you have to do your due diligence prior to completing the purchase. If you're serious about buying the property, have an experienced plumber give you an estimate for any plumbing problems you find.