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3 Potential Signs of Low Water Pressure in Your Home

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If you have found that the water pressure is low when you turn on your sink or when you hop into the shower, you might be quite annoyed by the problem. You might also be wondering what you can do about it, but before you can fix the problem, you have to figure out what is causing it. There are various things that can cause low water pressure in the home; these are a few of them.

1. Plumbing Leak

One of the most common problems that can cause low water pressure in the home is a plumbing leak. Basically, if one of the pipes in your home is leaking, then you could be losing significant water pressure. A leaking pipe causes other problems, too, such as driving your water bill up each month due to wasted water and water damage in your home. Some leaks can be much harder to find than others, but a good plumber should be able to find the source of the leak so that it can be repaired.

2. Well-Related Problem

Do you and your family rely on well water? If so, it's important to make sure that your well is kept in good condition. If there is a problem with your well, such as if your well pump is not working as it is supposed to, it can cause your water pressure to decrease. If you don't do something about the problem with your well soon, there is a chance that the problem could get even worse, such as your well pump failing completely and leaving your family without a water supply. Someone who is experienced in working with wells should be able to look your well over and see what the problem is.

3. Faulty Water Pressure Regulator

Water pressure regulators are often installed so that they can control the water pressure in the home. This can be helpful for ensuring that your water pressure isn't too high and for helping your family conserve water, but if the regulator doesn't work properly, it could regulate your water pressure too much and cause too-low water pressure. In this situation, adjusting or replacing the water pressure regulator should be an easy yet effective fix that a plumber can tackle quickly.

As you can see, there are a few different things that can cause low water pressure in your home. Check out and work with a professional plumber so you can get to the bottom of the problem and enjoy improved water pressure again.