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Should You Repair Or Replace A Leaky Faucet?

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When a faucet in your home will not shut off completely and is constantly dripping, it can be annoying, costly, and damaging. This dripping can stain your sink, if you have hard water, and the constant dripping sound can drive you crazy. If you are on city water, this dripping will be costly to your water bill each month, but should you replace or repair the faucet? Here are two factors to consider as you make this decision.

The Age Of The Faucet

A typical faucet will usually last for 10 to 20 years, depending on the type and brand. As you determine whether to repair or replace the faucet, you should consider the age of this particular faucet. If the faucet is relatively new and still looks great, fixing it might be the best and most affordable option. In addition, the faucet may even have a warranty on it. If so, and if you can find the information on it, you might be able to get some of the work completed for free.

On the other hand, if the faucet is over 10 years old or if it looks bad, having a plumber replace it is often the better option. If you decide to replace it, a plumber is likely to recommend choosing a new faucet made by a reputable company. There are several great manufacturers of faucets; and while these may cost more, they are less likely to experience problems in the future.

The Problems It Has

Unless you are a plumber, you may have no idea what is wrong with the faucet, but you will want to know this before you make the decision to replace or repair. There are times when fixing a faucet involves replacing only a small, inexpensive part, but there are other times when the entire faucet is shot and cannot be repaired.

To find out the answer to this question, you will need to hire a plumbing company to inspect the faucet. The plumber can tell you what is wrong with the faucet and how much it would cost to fix it. You may want to compare this price with the cost of a new faucet and labor for installing it. You may find that it will not cost a lot more just to have the plumber replace the entire thing.

If you are tired of your leaky faucet, the best thing you can do is call a plumber, like Eliminator Plumbing. A plumber can give you advice to help you make the right decision about repairing it or replacing it.