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Running out of Hot Water? Follow These Tips

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Have you found that your family easily runs out of hot water when you step into a shower or go to wash the dishes? If so, you need to find ways to conserve hot water or increase how much hot water your home produces. Here are several tips  that can help you have more hot water available when you need it.

Switch to Low-Flow Faucets

You may be surprised at how much hot water is wasted due to the faucet that you are using to dispense the water. One thing you can do to limit how much water is wasted is by using low-flow faucets or shower heads in your home. These will still allow the water to come out at the same temperature, but it cuts back on how much water is used while the water is turned on. Using low-flow faucets and fixtures will give you more use out of your hot water heater when everyone is showering in the morning.

Use a Different Washer Setting

Check the settings on your washing machine to see how much water you are actually using. You may discover that there is a quick wash cycle that will use significantly less water to do the same job. If you are happy with how clean your clothes come out of the washer using those settings, keep using them in the future.

Replace the Hot Water Heater

The reason that you're constantly running out of hot water may be due to the heater itself. An old hot water tank can have an old heating element that is not performing as well as it used to. You may also have sediment that has collected in the tank over the years, which has shortened the life of the heating element.

Upgrading the hot water tank also gives you the opportunity to increase the tank to a bigger size. While the tank may have been enough when it was a family a two, your family of 4 may now be frequently using up all the hot water.

Get a Tankless Water Heater

A great solution to running out of hot water is to switch to an entirely new hot water heating system. Tankless hot water heaters will heat the water on demand, so there is never a reserve tank that it needs to borrow from. The only problem is that they can have problems producing enough hot water for simultaneous use, making a tankless model a great choice for a home with just one or two full bathrooms.

If you're in need of plumbing services to help with any of these tips, contact a plumber in your area.