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Getting Ready For Spring With An HVAC Tune Up

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When the weather starts to warm up, and the snow is gone, we start getting ready for the warmer months. The yard gets cleaned up, the winter tools get put away, and we start looking forward to those sunny days. When you make your list of things to do, a good check-up for your HVAC system should be on it.

Why Tune Up The HVAC Now?

When you think about the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, it sometimes seems like one unit but the reality is, there are multiple parts inside that one system that do totally different things. Just because the heat worked all winter does not guarantee that the air conditioner will work now. The best way to be sure that everything is going to function when you need it is to have the system checked early. If you wait until the days turn hot, the waiting line for a service appointment might be very long.

What Should Be Serviced?

When you are setting up the service appointment, ask them to check the entire unit over. Just because it is the AC you will be using soon, don't overlook the fact that some of the components inside the HVAC unit are shared components that are used for both heat and air conditioning. If you only have one system checked, something could get missed, and that could leave the system down completely. The technician should know what to check but just let them know you want the whole unit serviced, so they are prepared to take care of it when the tech arrives.

Cleaning Up Around The HVAC Unit

If you have leaves, tree limbs or other winter debris on the ground around the HVAC unit, take the time to clean up the area before the tech arrives. If the grass is long, mowing it can also be a big help to him. The easier it is for the tech to get in and take the cover off that unit, the easier it will be for him to work. The technician will appreciate that it is clean and easy to access as well.

Servicing The Part Of The System Inside The Home

Keep in mind that you need to be home when you book that service appointment because the tech will need to get into the house and change the filters on the unit in the home. There are also some controls that he will want to check and the wiring going from inside to outside should be checked. If you can not be home, arrange for someone to be there for the appointment and let the company know that they are there on your behalf and it is okay to work on the system.

Contact an HVAC company for more information and assistance.