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Clogged Toilet? 3 Solutions You May Not Have Tried

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Clogged toilets are one of the most common reasons homeowners will call plumbers because they have tried everything to release the clog. Plungers and hot water can be effective, but deeper clogs may require a more involved solution. In some instances, these clogs can cause your toilet to overflow, causing water to flood your bathroom. This water damage is not only physically and emotionally overwhelming, but it can also lead to a great deal of financial distress. Thankfully, help is available. Using one of these solutions, you may be able to unclog your toilet.

Soapy Hot Water

After trying to plunge the clog away, you may have tried pouring a pot of boiling hot water into the toilet drain. If this was not successful, adding a few drops of liquid dish soap may be effective.

Flush the toilet and then wait  a few seconds. Then, add a few drops of dish soap to the toilet water and wait a few more minutes. You can also use a few drops of hand soap or hair shampoo if you do not have liquid dish soap available.

Once the soap has a chance to seep into the toilet drain, flush the toilet again. The soap may provide enough lubrication to help the clog move through the drain with ease, releasing the clog and preventing severe water damage.

Wire Hanger

Using a wire clothes hanger may seem frightening, especially since the thought of cramming an object into your toilet drain seems like it would make the situation worse. However, a wire hanger can be effective for pushing a clog through.

To get started, unwind a wire hanger so it is one long strip of wire instead of the curved hanger. Wrap a cloth or rag tightly around one end, securing it in place with duct tape. This will prevent the hanger from scratching the porcelain inside your toilet.

Move the wrapped end of the hanger down the toilet drain, pushing it through the drains slowly until it reaches the clog. Continue pushing in hopes of pushing the clog down the toilet drain, allowing the remaining water and waste in the toilet to continue draining.

Professional Help

For many homeowners, using a plunger, hot water, soap, or a wire hanger will not unclog the toilet. Even if you are experiencing the clog in the middle of the night or a weekend, calling an emergency plumber is wise.

Many plumbing contractors offer emergency services all hours of the day and night, providing assistance to homeowners who need immediate help that can protect their home from severe plumbing issues and expensive water damage. To learn more, contact a company like Peoples Plumbing LLC.