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3 Lesser Known Signs That You May Have A Leak In Your Sewer Line

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There are many different signs that your sewer line is leaking. Smelly a sewer smell in your yard or home or the appearance of sewer puddles in your yard are two of the most common signs of a leak. However, there are other signs that may be present if your sewer line is leaking, such as those discussed below.

Damp or Wet Floors

One sign that the sewer line may be leaking is damp or wet floors. Your sewer line runs from the street into your home. From there, smaller sewer lines connect to every plumbing and water fixture in your home, such as your washing machine, toilets, showers, and sinks.

When a crack is small, only a small amount of water seeps out. When this occurs, the water may slowly seep through your sub-floor and through your flooring, making your flooring slightly damp or wet.

If you have kids, you may think they spilled water. If you have a pet, you may think they had an accident. However, if the issue occurs multiple times without explanation, a leak is the likely cause. 

Green, Lush Yard Patches

The second sign of a sewer line leak is lush, green patches in your yard. Before puddles begin to form in your yard, the grass and plants absorb the sewage and waste that may be leaking out of the line in your yard.

The areas closest to the leak are getting more water and waste that fertilizes it than other parts of your yard, making these areas more green and lush. If you notice areas in your yard suddenly looking more green than normal, a sewer line leak may be the cause. 

A Higher Than Normal Water Bill

The last sign that you may have a leak in your sewer line is a higher than normal water bill. Most people do not realize that a sewer line leak can cause an increase in their water bill. They think only a leak in their incoming line can cause this increase.

However, if there is a leak in your sewer line, fixtures like toilets may constantly drain and refill because the line is no longer full of fluid and air because of the leak. This causes the increase in your water bill, letting you know you have some sort of plumbing leak. 

If you notice one or more of these signs, you may have a leak in your sewer line. The longer the leak remains, the more damage that can occur. A plumber can use moisture meters and pipe cameras to determine if a leak is present and where exactly the leak is located, helping them to fix the leak accurately and timely.  Read more about contacting a plumbing contractor right away to help determine whether there is a leak present.