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3 Kitchen Plumbing Improvements To Cut Water Waste And Prevent Clogs

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There are a lot of things that can be done to improve the plumbing in your home, which include upgrades in the kitchen. If you are planning on doing major renovations to your kitchen, this is a good time to consider plumbing upgrades in this area. Here are some kitchen plumbing improvements that will help you cut water waste and prevent damage:

1. Installing On-Demand Hot Water Solutions in The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the areas of homes where hot water is needed for cooking and cleaning on a daily basis. Therefore, you may want to consider an on-demand hot water solution for the kitchen. This can be an on-demand or tankless water heater that provides hot water to the kitchen and the rest of your home, or it can be a small hot water dispenser that is installed beneath the kitchen sink and only used for cooking and cleaning. If you have a fairly new water heater, a dispenser is a good solution, but if your water heater is old and outdated, you may want to consider a tankless water heater replacement for your entire home.

2. Grey Water Recycling to Reuse Water from Sinks and Appliances

Grey water is the waste that comes from any plumbing drains that do not include human waste and sewage. This is the appliances like dishwashers or kitchen sinks, which is why grey water recycling is a great improvement for the kitchen. This water can drain directly to a grey water recycling system that will provide light filtering with sand and soil, and then, be used to directly water landscaping and gardens. This is a solution that keeps the water out of sewers and septic systems and helps save on irrigation water consumption.

3. Water Filtration and Dispensers for A Kitchen Convenience

Water quality is a major concern in many areas due to thinks like high alkalinity and hard water. For the water that you use to cook and drink, you want it to be as pure as possible. Water filtration systems in the kitchen or for your entire home are a good solution to ensure your potable water is clean and pure. In addition, you may want to consider water dispensers in the kitchen, which are convenient and will also help reduce water waste in your home.

These are some improvements to the plumbing in your kitchen that will reduce water waste and prevent water damage. If you are ready to start renovations in your kitchen, contact a plumbing contractor like Plumb-It Inc and talk to them about some of these improvements.