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How To Handle Recurring Commercial Restroom Flooding

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Sometimes, despite best efforts, things keep breaking and repairs don't hold. But a restroom is one of the last places anyone wants recurring flooding to happen. So what do you need to do to stop it happening again?

Your first port of call should be to speak with a skilled commercial plumber to assist with repairs and identifying the issue.

Here's a checklist to help identify the potential pitfalls and how you can avoid future soggy bathrooms!

Check One

Get those 'Out Of Use' signs up and keep people out. Having anyone - public or employees still going into an area that is damaged already may lead to further damage which could make it harder to determine the original cause of the problem. There's also the potential for lawsuits being filed if anyone should happen to injure themselves, so it's best for everyone to keep the area closed until it's fixed.

Check Two

Minimize what the users can get to. If all the pipework is exposed, it could be that cleaners are accidentally knocking the pipes when cleaning the facilities. Or it could be that users are resting handbags on pipes, or leaning on them. There is a long list of possibilities with exposed pipework, so your safest option is to hide all pipework behind boards and leave only flushes and taps exposed. Even here you can opt for motion sensors to activate both flush and taps to further minimize potential for damage.

Check Three

Use tough materials. A stainless steel urinal, sink and toilet will be incredibly hard to damage where ceramic can damage much more easily. By using the stronger materials, you limit the possibilities for damage and flooding.

Check Four

What's available in the room? Is it paper towels that are clogging up sinks and toilets? Opt for biodegradable paper towels to ensure that they don't get stuck and cause blockages. Another option would be to install a hand dryer.

Check Five

Install a floor drain. Excess water is a hazard for slipping on so a floor drain will take away excess water and help the cleaners to clean more effectively.

Check Six

Is there any continuous running water? Some restrooms, particularly urinals, have continuous running water instead of a flush. For an area prone to flooding this can be adding to the problem. Perhaps opt for non flush, disinfectant discs which take away the requirement for a flush.

Always check with a commercial plumber, such as at Iron Horse Mechanical And Plumbing Services LLC, to make sure you're taking the right actions and repairs are carried out by a professional.