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2 Signs Your Home's Water Softening System Needs Repairing

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If your water has started to taste funny, and your home relies on a system to soften hard water, you may start to suspect that there is a problem with your softener. If so, look for the following signs that your home's water softening system is in need of repairs.

1.  Water Coming out of the Faucets Has Low Pressure

Besides your water having an odd flavor, one of the first signs that may alert you to an issue with your softener is the water pressure. You may discover that the water coming out of your faucets has either lessened quite a bit or seems to come out at varying speeds. It may even sputter at times as if air is caught in the lines.

There are two possible causes of the low pressure coming from your water softener. First, minerals from the hard water that passes through the filtration system may have deposited both within the softener and its lines, blocking the free flow of water through them. 

Second, there could be an issue with the softener's motor. If the motor is starting to fail, it may not be able to fully push water through the system. However, since low pressure is also a sign of a cracked pipe in your house, you should have a plumber determine the actual cause so that the proper repairs can be made.

2.  Water Shows Signs of Hardening

Another sign that your water softening system is failing and needs repairs is when your water starts showing signs of hardening. If the system is no longer doing its job, you will start to see  certain signs reoccurring that were present before you had the softener installed. 

One of the most prominent signs of hard water is the presence of water spots on your dishes. You may also find that the holes in your shower head are starting to close up from the mineral deposits, and you may have problem lathering up soap. 

While the main cause is a dirty or broken filter cartridge, there could also be cracks or holes in the system that need repairing. If you change the filter and still have hard water, you will need to have a professional take a look at it.

If you notice the signs above, there is most likely an issue with your system that requires professional attention. Contact a plumber who offers water softener repair services to have them look at the system and take the necessary action to fix any problems they find.