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Cold Spot Conundrums: How To Balance Your Heating System

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Few things can leave your home feeling uncomfortable all winter long like cold spots. If you’ve found that the average temperature from room to room varies in your house, it’s time to start focusing on where all of that warm air is going. The best way to do that is to assess and balance the heating system so that the heated air is distributed equally throughout the house. The process of balancing your HVAC system will allow you to measure the air distribution and then adjust the system as needed. Read More»

An Alternative To Downpipes: Enhance Your Home With Rain Chains

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Ever since the 1998 Winter Olympics was hosted in Nagano, Japan, Americans have an aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient alternative to downpipes — rain chains. Rain chains incorporate links and pots that are linked up in a chain to redirect water from the roof to a rain barrel, cistern, into a rain garden, or just about anywhere of your choice. You just want to make sure that the rain does not get redirected to an area where it will pool and remain stagnant, as this attracts pests, like mosquitoes. Read More»

Three Elements Your Construction Site Porta Potty Should Have

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It is necessary to have portable bathrooms available for use on construction work sites. The construction employees need a private space to do their business and the portable toilets keep the work site clean and hygienic. Because using a dirty toilet is not pleasant, some may avoid using it. For that reason, it is important for your portable potties to have these three characteristics to provide a positive bathroom experience and a healthy work environment. Read More»