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2 Common Reasons Your Home's Sewer Main Can Fail And How To Remedy It

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As the owner of an older home, you are responsible for any repairs to or replacement of your home’s main sewer line. So, it is important to understand the potential damage that can occur in an aging sewer main. Here are some common causes of a damaged sewer main and options for its replacement. Age Depending on the age of your home, you can have one of several different types of sewer pipe buried in your front yard and connecting to the city’s sewer main. Read More»

5 Things To Know About Drains And Grease

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While you most likely know that grease can be one of the main causes for kitchen clogs, you may not know how complicated the issue of plumbing and grease can be. Below are five things every homeowner should know about drains and grease.  Grease Does Not Only Come From Meat  One of the most common culprits for grease clogs is grease from meat, especially bacon or other meats that release large amounts of grease when fried. Read More»